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For all we know Donald Trump “gets that a widely available UBI is ultimately going to be required but does not want to admit it explicitly for obvious reasons.” After all, he did once propose paying off the national debt by confiscating 1/4th of the 1%’s wealth. For that matter, perhaps Mickey Mouse “gets that a widely available UBI is ultimately ….” But the evidence is that neither Bernie, Donald or Mickey are interested at all in UBI. And for Bernie, for good reason.

Bernie’s constituency is, and always has been, the “Working Americans” who feel they’ve never been fairly paid what they’ve earned. That constituency certainly will not favor any program to give money to people who have not “earned” it in their eyes. Indeed, it is that constituency that will be the greatest hurdle for UBI to overcome. Their labor is their sole commodity to sell, it is the basis of their worth. Bernie knows that and focuses on getting them a fair return on their worth.

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