Red Rouge: Epoxy Flooring

Protect your residential, or commercial garage floor from a boring cement look.

Coating a cement floor is a tough job, but a great upgrade for any location looking for an all around finished touch. A colored, shiny, epoxy floor coat is premier floor varnishing. The durability of a floor is the first thing homeowners, and contractors think of when deciding to cover a floor with linoleum, wood, tile, or paint. How long will this job last? Oasis Art Design loves loyal customers, and satisfaction is a goal that we must meet with each job so that you’ll return. Protect your residential, or commercial garage floor from a boring cement look. Both in style, and in professionalism, the material properties that make epoxy floor coating will have you wishing that you remodeled even sooner.

For a large 1300 square foot job we inspected, and then prepared the floor thoroughly before giving the space a look of royalty in red. The customer specifically selected this color due to cultural beliefs of red meaning happiness, and good luck. What a great combination, one would think. Whatever your favorite color is, or the design theme desired, it is achievable. Make it personal when it comes to having your remodel completed. Your vision is our vision.

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Originally published at on February 17, 2016.