Demoing at Tech in Motion OC: Kickstart Your Startup with Tech in Motion

OC techies, tech entrepreneurs and startups are a really happy, thriving bunch, no small thanks to networking at Tech-in-Motion and engaging with its hospitable sponsors. The startup world is moving so fast, it’s impossible to keep up without attending this kind of Meetup. Many tech savvy professionals attends for the social and professional interaction and real-time infusion of valuable professional and technical insights. The live demos are fascinating (and we’re not complaining about the food and drink).

Almost 5 years old, with more than 3000 techies participating, Newport Beach-based Tech-in-Motion’s well-organized events cover the gamut of software and hardware development. We suggest that you check-out the Tech-in-Motion blog to see the range of topics and quality of presentations by speakers.

OC techies and entrepreneurs like Kadho, Inc. can attend more than a dozen other Meetups, but Tech-in-Motion’s Meetups are always special. Like other tech startup founders, we bring our team members and associates along to listen, learn and share experiences.

Today we were invited to “Kickstart Your Startup with Tech in Motion” presented by Total-Apps. Other companies that were selected to demo with us were Audvi, Lumo, PUSH, Inc., ChangeFrame, and Tabio, The event was held at ROC, across the hallway at our headquarters at EvoNexus. Evonexus and ROC are part of the VineOC.

Once again, it was a wonderful experience. We were able to demo our early education technology including our language immersion children’s games and eBooks, We received great feedback, marketing advice and ideas, and insights into cutting edge trends. To learn more about our software, pleaese visit

Kadho’s Contributing Author: Arnold Schuchter


A city planner and international development planning consultant and author, Arnold Schuchter also has founded companies in online business information services, online consumer travel services, concert and special events promotion, political campaign management, and digital publishing.

About Tech-in-Motion OC

Tech-in-Motion is broad by design. The goal of this group is to be interactive and allow technology enthusiasts to learn from other professionals, have questions answered in real-time, discover new tech, and hear stories that inspire. This group is a place for technology professionals who wouldn’t normally cross paths to meet, collaborate, and learn about what their peers are doing across the city. To learn more about Tech-in-Motion, visit:

About Total-Apps

At Total-Apps we provide merchant services, but we see ourselves as so much more. We are defined as the rocket scientists of credit card processing because, well, we are! We actively seek out and develop new technologies to help our clients grow their business.

For over a decade, the principals at Total-Apps Inc. have provided their clients with an average of 10–30% savings on their merchant processing services. To learn more about Total-Apps, visit:

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