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My kids are tech savvy. While they love running around and playing outdoors, they also enjoy playing games on their various devices. Mason is learning so much and now has a fun new game to play — Mochu Pop!

This is a FREE game app for babies and toddlers from Kadho, winner of the 2015 Platinum Award for Best App for Children and Toddlers, from Best Mobile App Awards. Your child can be exposed to 4 different languages | English, French, Spanish and Italian. The concept is simple as your child “pops” the coordinating balloons on the screen as instructed. When the balloon pops, basic sounds of linguistics is heard. Pretty neat right? Don’t worry about all the “screen time” as this game includes a blue filter to protect your tot’s eyes!

What’s neat about Mochu Pop is that you can sign up for a FREE account to monitor your child’s progress through the dashboard. It literally takes seconds as you just enter your name, email, password and birth year for your child.

We’ve just begun with English but will be moving onto the other languages soon. Probably on the flight back home from vacation!

The “pop” sound is super entertaining for young children and the characters are really captivating.

You can even get bonuses for hitting special characters that appear. Mason and Kenzie both enjoy playing Mochu Pop and I can’t wait to check out the upcoming eBooks and other apps coming soon.

Check out the action in the video below.

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Do you think your tot would enjoy Mochu Pop? Make sure to sign up today and get popping!

Reader Comments

“This is a really cool app! My grandson’s at the perfect age to use it too. Thanks for the information. ☺”-Natalie B.

“What a fun game, looks perfect for toddlers.”-Diane

“Cool App, my kids will love it!”-ColleenMarie82

“That app sounds really cute. I have some young nieces and nephews that would love this.”-Masshole Mommy

“Oh wow! I love the exposure to different languages. Young children pick up language so easily. The blue filter to protect little eyes is a nice feature!”-Nancy Chipriano

“Looks like a perfect game for little ones to play, for 10–15 minutes at a time.”-MomMaven

“This looks like a super fun app! My littlest is all about apps right now and I’m going to have to check this out for him!”-Jeannette

“This does sound like a really cool app! What age does this start at? I know you mentioned babies — like toddlers? I need to check it out!”-Allison Cooper

“I think it’s awesome that kids so young are being exposed to different languages. Their little brains are sponges!”-Katie

“How cute is that! I know my nieces and nephews would adore the bright colors.”-Crystal

“I just recently heard this was THE app for littles. It looks adorable, but mine would probably roll their eyes if I asked them to play it!”-SensiblySara

“This looks super sweet and something my little one who is now 8 would have thoroughly enjoyed! I’ll make sure to recommend it to friends with little ones. Thanks for sharing!”-Valerie Remy-Milora

“I’m downloading this for the girls. They will LOVE it!”-Sippy Cup Mom

“This looks like a really fun and cute app! I will have to pass this one on to my sister for my niece. Mine are a bit too old for it.”-Emily Endrizzi

Originally published at on May 14, 2015.

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