Free Educational App For Babies & Toddlers — Mochu Pop App

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Free Educational App For Babies & Toddlers — Mochu Pop App

I have an awesome free educational apps for children to tell you guys about today. It is actually designed to expose babies and toddlers to linguistics and the sounds of language building blocks at a very young age. But, when I told Sadie about the Mochu Pop app (age 7) she wanted to try it too!

Before I went downloading anything onto her Kindle, I had to find out a bit more about the company.

The app comes from the company Kadho.

Who is Kadho?

Kadho will strive through its new free eBooks and games for babies and toddlers to preserve the innate linguistic abilities of very young children. The new company’s educational apps and eBooks are based on 50 years of brain science.

What is the app Mochu Pop about?

It actually teaches babies and toddlers the key sounds of English, Spanish, French and Italian that provide the building blocks for future language learning, backed by scientific brain research and immersive game play! Mochu the Penguin, in his first app, Mochu Pop — Language Immersion for Babies and Toddlers, guides babies and toddlers through animation via an iPad or smartphone in just a few minutes of adorable play. “Pop only the balloons with these shapes and colors,” begins the app. In fact, check out the trailer on YouTube Mochu Pop. The app was created by an international team of renowned gamers, scientists and educators!

How much is Mochu Pop App?


As well as the upcoming eBooks and other apps coming out soon!

How Do You Get The Mochu Pop App by Kadho?

Mochu Pop actually just won the 2015 Platinum Award for Best App for Children and Toddlers, from Best Mobile App Awards!

How Will You Know When New FREE eBooks and Apps are Released?

All you have to do it click on the home page and create a free “Sign Up” account. No personal or credit card information is taken, just your name, email, a password you create and the birth year of you or your child for whom you’ll use these free apps. It literally takes 5 seconds. Or, you can make an account through the app.

The account lets us parents monitor our children’s progress through the dashboard on the site. Then, the company will notify us when new games and eBooks are posted in the app stores. It’s that simple!

This is a great app for babies, toddlers, and even those that are a bit older. Sadie loved following the shapes, popping the balloons and see how high her score could it.

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Originally published at on May 14, 2015.

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