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After taking 3 years of Spanish in high school, I still can not speak a word of the language. That’s a bit of an exaggeration that I like to tell, I know a handful of words, but definitely not enough to even get myself lost. Suffice to say, I am only fluent in English.

I think the key, though, is to start at an early age. If you’d like to raise your child to be bilingual, you need to introduce those sounds when they’re young. Mochu Pop, an app from Kadho for ages 1–3, makes language immersion for babies and toddlers fun by guiding them through animation via an iOS or Android device in just a few minutes of adorable play.

Developed by scientists and early childhood educators, Mochu Pop includes a wide variety of interactive sounds, colors, and shapes along with special bonus balloons that have fun effects and surprises.

With every pop, your child will be exposed to sounds from English, Spanish, French, and Italian. These sounds form the basis of the languages, allowing your child to form the neurofoundation™ for hearing these languages later in life. Something I really could have used when I was trying to understand Spanish in high school.

Guiding your way through Mochu Pop is a cute penguin, Mochu. He welcomes you to the app by showing you the balloons you are meant to pop. With every pop, your child hears a key sound from the desired language, thus learning by repetition. As differently shaped balloons float by, animated characters Moon and Sun pop up, too, making a fun, safe environment for your little one to learn!

App options include a volume control and a blue light filter to protect young eyes. Parents can also monitor their kids performance through Kadhos dashboard. You can either play offline or sign in to keep track of scores.

About Mochu Pop Free Pop the balloons to hear a sound. In this game, the child is presented with the shape first and then watches as balloons fly up on the screen. Little ones must touch the right balloons to match the shape. When a balloon is “popped” youngsters are rewarded with a sound. These sounds, based on decades of research, are the foundation to language acquisition. Mochu Pop is available in the iTunes App store for iPad, in Google Play for Android, and in the Amazon App store for Kindle.

Reader Comments

“ My toddler is way into apps and learning. This would be a fun one to try with him!”- Krystal

“ I have to try this with my little guy, I speak Spanish and these apps can help the process of teaching him”- Jasmine

Originally published at on May 13, 2015.

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