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As a stay at home mom , my days are full of cleaning, cooking , playing and teaching. Whew, it’s exhausting somedays and I admittedly need all the help I can get. There come moments where I really just need a “break”. One of my go-to’s when I need some down time, is the iPad. My kids love technology and playing games on this device always keeps them entertained.

For me, the greatest thing about handing the iPad over to the kids is I can be certain that they are learning, without even knowing it. Recently we were introduced to a new app from Kadho called Mochu Pop.

Mochu Pop was just awarded the 2015 Platinum Award for best App for Children and Toddlers, from Best Mobile App Awards. Kadho is thrilled to offer this new free app to young children, to expose them to linguistics and the sounds of language building blocks at a very young age.

In the game children are presented a shape and then watch as balloons fly up on the screen. Little one’s then touch the balloons that match the shape to make them pop. As children pop the balloon they are rewarded with one of the most important sounds of either English, French, Spanish or Italian.

My 2 year old and 4 year old have really enjoyed playing Mochu Pop. Not only are they being exposed to the fundamental sounds of other languages, they are learning so much more:

WORKING MEMORY: Strengthen your child’s memory as they try to remember which balloons to pop.

HAND-EYE COORDINATION: Use your visual and motor planning, plus processing abilities as you try to pop moving balloons.
IMPULSE CONTROL: Build your child’s resistance to urges and self control as they must avoid the wrong balloons
MENTAL FLEXIBILITY: Flex your brain’s mental switching and creativity as the target balloons change between each game.

Your littlest one’s will love learning while having fun with this amazing & free app ; available through iTunes , Amazon or Google Play.

Originally published at on May 16, 2015.

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