Teach Your Baby or Toddler Multiple Languages + FREE Resources To Do It!!

Your baby’s brain undergoes phenomenal growth that is unequalled at any other time of their life between birth and age 3. How do you take advantage of this window of opportunity to give your child the best start in life? You’ve likely heard the phrase that a child’s brain is “like a sponge”? This is especially true in the first three years and this is the optimal time for them to learn multiple languages. How can you teach them at such a young age? I’ve got some FREE language resources to help you teach your baby or toddler multiple languages!

There are many subscription based services out there that will assist you to teach your baby multiple languages but today I’m giving you FREE resources to help you teach your child multiple languages. Why pay for something that you can get for free right? Don’t think that free means substandard either! The app I am highly recommending here, Mochu Pop, the brand new free game app for babies and toddlers from Kadho, just won the 2015 Platinum Award for Best App for Children and Toddlers, from Best Mobile App Awards. The visionaries at Kadho were especially excited that their free educational app, based on science, was selected over several other high grossing and top ranked games, including those that are based on subscription models and are known for focusing on entertainment, not education.

Among the many apps available, only one teaches babies and toddlers the key sounds of English, Spanish, French and Italian that provide the building blocks for future language learning, backed by scientific brain research and immersive game play! Mochu the Penguin, in his first app, Mochu Pop — Language Immersion for Babies and Toddlers, guides babies and toddlers through animation via an iPad or smartphone in just a few minutes of adorable play.

The FREE app that I recommend beginning your child’s introduction to multiple languages with is called Mochu Pop. It is geared towards ages 1–3 years old. In this game, the child is presented with the shape first and then watches as balloons fly up on the screen. Little ones must touch the right balloons to match the shape. When a balloon is “popped” youngsters are rewarded with a sound. These sounds, based on decades of research, are foundational to language acquisition.

Take a peak at what it has to offer your child:

The app was created by an international team of renowned gamers, scientists and educators to bring together all the aspects needed to teach your child not just their own language, but also the tools to learn any language throughout their lifetime. I sure would have appreciated if my parents had given me this foundation! Maybe I wouldn’t have struggled through years of high school and college Spanish only to come out being able to say Hola, me llamo Sarah (Hi, my name is Sarah), and that’s it!

You can lead your child in their learning journey through the parental dashboard which tracks their progress. The app has been tested at Montessori schools and even Noam Chomsky says “it has the key ingredients for language acquisition.” You can have these tools in your own home!

This amazing app is completely FREE, yes I said it’s free! And there are NO ADS! It is available in the iTunes App store for iPad, in Google for Android, and in the Amazon App store for Kindle. Not only that but there are more free apps and eBooks coming this summer!! Make sure you sign up to receive the free apps and eBooks that are coming out so you don’t miss out on these amazing FREE resources that have been created with an incredible team behind them. Take advantage of these free resources!!

Can your child say any words in two languages? Which words do they know?

Reader Comments

“This seems like such a great resource! My little nephew is at the right age to learn another language like this, I will have to share this information with his family.”-Susan

“This makes learning another language fun! They just naturally learn as they play. It’s great!”-Sarah

“Sounds like a great app. I should have my sister in law use this for my nieces.”-Robin

“These are so great! Learning a new language is always easiest for young kids. I love this!”-Dawn

“My kids amaze me so how much they know Spanish! I bet I could even teach them to speak fluently.”-Amy

“What a great app. My girls would of loved this but I think it would benefit even us that want to learn a new language. Thanks for sharing.”-Laura

“I definitely wish they had resources (or apps for that matter) like this when my children were small. I plan to share this with my sister so she can hopefully start my nephew on a path to learning another language.”-Marcie W.

“So very smart. I know that it is easy for babies to to learn languages, so it is a perfect time to get them started. Thanks so much for sharing.”-Shauna

“Oh my gosh I cannot believe that they made an app for babies to learn another language! This is amazing I wish I had been able to learn a second language successfully.”-Tammilee Tips

“I started to learn a second language in high school. My brain was not as much of a sponge as it was when I was younger. Technology today is surely making it more possible to learn these languages at an earlier age.”-Becca Wilson

“Sounds like a lot of fun! I bet my girls wold like this too.”-Kristin

“This looks really cool… perhaps I could learn some right along with them, hehe.”-Danielle H.

“Sounds like an awesome app.”-Nolie

“How awesome is this! Anytime you can make learning fun it’s always a win/win.”-Ronni

Originally published at musthavemom.com on May 14, 2015.

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