Teaching Toddlers a Foreign Language with Mochu Pop

This post is written on behalf of Kadho, but all awesome parenting tips are my own.

When my babies were born, I wanted to show them and teach them everything about the world. I was a new stay at home mom and took my job very seriously. I was showing my daughter flash cards when she was about 6 months old. She said her first word, yellow, when she was 9 months old. The one thing I did not expose her to was a foreign language. I knew a few families who were a bi-lingual household and it interested me, but I had no idea where to start. I just figured the babies would only learn a foreign language if their parents were bi-lingual, which we were not. I am a huge proponent of educating our kids in any way possible. This desire goes beyond the classroom. I feel whether a kid is at school, home, the park or the beach, there is always an opportunity for learning.

One of our favorite tools we use for teaching are free educational apps for children. I recently learned (see, you are never too to learn,), the importance of exposing your babies and toddlers to linguistics and the sounds of language. Now with the new Mochu Pop app from Kadho, teaching toddlers a foreign language is not only a possibility, but a reality. Kadho, a new tech company, says it all in their mission statement, which reads, “We teach the world how to learn and provide the opportunity to be more.” Kadho offers free eBooks and games geared for babies and toddlers that are based on 50 years of brain science. You can download the free Mochu app in the iTunes App Store, on your Kindle or through Google Play for your Android device.

You can create an account through the app or you can visit the home page and create a free “Sign Up” account. You will not be asked for personal or credit card information, just your name, email, a password you create and the birth year of you or your child you will be using the free apps for. The account lets you monitor your children’s progress through the dashboard on the Kadho website. With the Mochu Pop multiple language immersion game for babies and toddlers, you can teach your little one a foreign language. The new app from Kadho will teach your young child from ages 1 to 3, the building blocks of Spanish, French, Italian and English. This is the only app available that can do this for your child. Mochu the Penguin, in his first app, Mochu Pop Language Immersion for Babies and Toddlers, will guide your baby or toddlers through animation via an iPad or smartphone in just a few minutes of play.

For instance, your little one may be asked to pop only the balloons with a particular shape or color. A lavender triangle or perhaps a golden diamond balloon may float by. Using their finger, your baby or toddler will pop the balloon and hear the “eh” or “tu” sound in the voice of a native French speaker, or with a language selection of English, Spanish or Italian. What is super cool about this game, which was created by an international team of renowned gamers, scientists and educators, teaches a child not just their own language but also the tools to learn any language throughout their lifetime. The app has been tested at Montessori schools with great success and more free apps and eBooks are coming this summer.

The Mochu Pop features pleasing music in the background as the child plays the interactive game. The happy penguin, dressed in a striped scarf, taps his feet and smiles with his eyes as the game progresses. As differently shaped balloons float by, animated characters Moon and Sun pop up. The app options include a volume control, a blue light filter to protect young eyes and a parental dashboard to monitor your little one’s performance. The company that brings you Mochu Pop, Kadho, was founded by Dr. Kaveh Azartash and Dr. Dhonam Pemba, who both have PhDs in Biomedical Engineering with emphasis in vision and neuroscience.

Kadho’s apps and eBooks teach the building blocks of linguistics by exposing babies and toddlers to 4,000 key sounds from 12 languages recorded by native speakers in a customized manner that adapts to the child’s learning pace. When children this young hear these sounds repetitively it unlocks a part of their brain to ready it for learning their native and other languages. Kadho is proudly incubated at EvoNexus. For more information, visit their informative website.

The free app, which is easy, fun and quick to demo on TV, can be downloaded for these three devices:

Originally published at quirkyinspired.com on May 13, 2015.

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