Touch my body

Hey there little loves. How have y’all been? Sorry I’m such a shitty blogger. But, I’ve just been going through some shit lately. Anyhow, tonight’s subject issssss…. FOREPLAY! The major key in enjoyable sex for you and your partner.

A kiss ain’t a kiss without some tongue.

Obviously making out is what leads to any sexual interaction. And this is when you do all the fun stuff that could turn on your partner before you even touch them down under. Neck kisses and small whispers will drive anyone insane. Grab their face and even there neck. Just grabbing everywhere is a great start.

Find me.

Do you find it hard to find your find your lady’s “pleasure pearl”? Lol yes, I am referring to the clit. It literally feels like a little pearl. For experience, and I know I can’t be the only one, but guys seem to have a hard time finding it. And if you’re a lesbian reading this, chances are you know vaginas first hand so this may not pertain to you. But anyway, just feel around and if you’re having trouble finding it, just ask. It’s not like we’re gonna be like “Uhm you should know!” All vaginas are different. And we’d rather have you ask than sit there and rub/lick nothing.


This is not addressed enough!! When it comes to fingering a girl, I’m sorry but you’re not doing shit if you aren’t hitting her g-spot. You can find the g-spot by inserting a finger or two, with you palm facing up, and then making a come here motion. You should feel the g-spot. It’s softish. And the expression on your girl’s face show you that you found it as well.

Head is a must.

Whether it’s for a guy or girl. You both should be giving each other pleasure. And if you’re one of those guys that says “I don’t eat pussy.” or one of those girls that says “I don’t suck dick.”.. Then you don’t need to be having sex. And definitely don’t expect to have someone go down on you. Now, when it comes to eating pussy, it’s not same as sucking dick. You can’t just do it for a minute and think it’s good enough. Women take a little longer when it comes to oral. When eating a girl out, make sure your tongue’s main focus is the clit. Doing this and fingering her at the same time… that shit is lit as hell. She’ll definitely appreciate this.

This should come in handy.

Hand-jobs are really good to start out with when it comes to foreplay. But, the main thing, make sure you aren’t giving a dry hand-job. That will actually hurt a guy. Use some oil or some location or even spit. Use whatever! Just don’t put a guy in pain when you’re trying to pleasure him.

Blow him away.

Ahhhhh!!! Okay. Lol. So, when giving a blow-job… there’s literally no way that you could do it wrong. JUST DO NOT USE TEETH! And don’t try and keep it classy and clean. Suck his dick like a porn star! Sloppy head is the best head! Use tongue action and remember that the tip is the most sensitive part of the penis, followed by the balls. And also, don’t leave the boys hanging.. LMAO!! Okay now that was hilarious. Didn’t plan that play on words. But, forreal, play with them or suck on them. And every once in awhile, make eye contact. Guys find that extremely attractive. Trust me. I’m a doctor. Lol jk but trust me.

Gotta eat the booty like groceries.

Don’t do that. I’m sorry I find this topic weird and I have nothing to say about it because it’s never happened to me and I hope it never does.

That’s all folks!

Now go please each other!

Until next time,



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