Part 2

Everything in the kitchen needed to be cooked,so I suggested to order and take bath till the time they bring the food. You said you just don’t want to do anything else right. I said you know it pretty well. You came close and held my dick and said yes I can see that. I grabbed your ass and said lets clean you. You winked. We went under the shower and I started rubbing foam on you. Your each curve was perfect. My hands inspite of having you for long were still grabbing each curve like it has been felt first time. Then i kept scrubing your back,then shoulders then breasts. I was scrubbing then pressing them and then i couldn’t resist and I turned on tgw shower and started sucking the pointy nipples. I was grabbing both the boobs and sucking each for sometime and still not feeking satisfied of it. Then I dropped on knees and said,I will clean you properly now. I vigorously started rubbing your pussy.Then I reached with my mouth.You holding on to the wall behind,I started licking that pussy of yours like it was a candy from the candy store,i have been wanting forever and got it for the first time.I pushed ny tongue inside,circled it onto the sides with you moaning loud now. Meanwhile my hands were grabbing your boobs strong.You were pushing your pussy infront of me more and more. So that I suck it harder. Then I looked up and winked,"lets get the insides clean". You held my hair tight. I pushed my two fingers inside and encircled it to feel all the points in your pussy.With my other hand, i was holding your ass tight and opening those cheeks. Then I started licking your pussy again,with my finger reaching your asshole and getting it warmed by sliding a tip of finger and feeling the hole. You were loud each time my finger hit your ass and my tongue your pussy. I slowly keot sliding the finger in you ass, slowly making it confortable with the mix of pleasure and pain. Now my finger was fully engulfed by you ass and my tingue was still cleaning any juice inside your pussy. Then I pushed you under the shower. Water dropping throughout your body, with my finger making your ass hot. I looked at you. You were hot. I got up,pulled you out of shower, pushed you to bed,all wet. I said,now you are ready. You said, fuck me like there is no tomorrow. I pushed it inside you putting your legs on my shoulder,quick and deep thrusts,no teasing at all. You were moaning," Ahh aahhhh aahhh" loud for the whole time. It kept me pushing harder and faster. My ball hitting your ass was making loud sound. Our bodies were hitting each others like never before. I started spanking your ass. You started moaning louder. I said,"Let me heat this up". You held my hair. I slid a finger in your asshole all the while fucking your pussy. Your hands were holding onto everything you could. I started thrusting a finger in your ass,it was tight. But it was wanting action. It was always left behind. It kept ramming your pussy. Then i pulled out turned you and started thrusting in doggy style. The asshole was now accessible easily. I kept one finger inside then pulled out. I slide two fingers now slowly so that you don’t hurt that much and your ass gets comfortable. Then i pulled it out and kept fucking you. Then I asked you to push your head to to bed so that your ass is raised more.. then i slid two fingers again inside. This time you moaned louder than ever. You had two of your gloryholes under pleasure. Now i held your hair . Then i pulled out,you said,fuck me.. why did you stop. I said," your ass needs it now. You turn around to look at me. Your eyes were full of desire. You said," but it will hurt." I will use lots of lubes. Don’t worry." I pour the whole tube of lubes into your hole. And then i push the tip of my dick inside your ass. You moan loud and say," Your dick is big.Take it slow. I want it whole. I pour more lubes and push it a bit more. Then i started fingering your pussy too. Then i kept on sliding and putting lubes till your asshole was full of my dick. You shout," omg. That’s hell. What are yiu doing to me. It is as if i will die but not dying actually. I start moving my dick slowly into you.You were moving your ass slowly too. My balls rubbing your pussy. It was pouring juices by now. I kept slow thrustin for a while and then took it out. Then you said let me ride you for a while now. You kept on riding my pussy on top of me till I came inside you." You didn’t suck me bad girl.",i said. " Never needed to",you winked.

Writer, Poet, Engineer, Footballer

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