How a Menstrual Cup Saved my Life and Pocket!

All Things Good Karma

Most women using pads and tampons are unaware of the health risks they face every month. It seems so normal, we were raised to use the average pad or tampon and never once thought to question how exactly they were made. What exactly are we putting up against us and inside of us when we are at our most vulnerable state. While our cervix is open we should be even more cautious about what we have inside of us. In general we ASSume if every store sells it, it must be the “norm” and safe… Unfortunately in the great America that we live in today that is not the case. We have to question everything. We have to do our own research. We cannot depend on a society that thrives off of us being half sick. The America we live in takes as many shortcuts as possible to save a penny. Even if it means they put our wellness at risk. I tend to question everything mainstream and try to find all alternatives to then make my own decision.

A few years ago I ran across the idea of a menstrual cup. It's a bell shaped cup made out of medical grade silicone you insert inside of your vagina during your menstrual cycle. On a heavy day I have to empty it 3 to 4 times a day. As time went on I figured out how to time it to only have to empty it when I am home. So, I know what you’re thinking. That's SO odd! You also think how gross that seems. Won't it make a mess? I got you! Menstrual cycles, even though they are very natural, tend to seem gross in general. You bleed into a pad or tampon filled with bleach and harmful chemicals which create a breeding ground for bacteria! That’s Gross! That “Period smell” is NOT natural. It is from the chemical reaction of your blood mixing with the synthetic fibers and crazy chemicals in the tampons and pads. When we were young, first learning of pads and or tampons, we thought them to be gross. It is all a learning process that grows on you. The first 3 months was a learning and adjustment experience for me. I needed to learn my body a little more than I already knew. Now, I’m a pro! I carry it in a little baggy in my purse when my cycle is near because I have an irregular every 6 weeks cycle. I have a menstrual cup small mason jar I add Apple Cider Vinegar and water to and rinse (Shake) it between uses. After my cycle is complete I add ACV, water, and Bronners Castile Soap to the jar and let it soak for a couple of days. Most companies offer a cleaning agent, but I like to use what I already have and use for other things in the house.

It seems like a lot. Initially you will feel that way until you get use to it. The extra steps are definitely worth it. You will feel a difference in your vagina. I am all about an amazing, clean, and healthy vagina!

Let's Talk MONEY! The average woman spends $200/year on tampons and pads. An average menstrual cup costs $25 and lasts 1 to 10 years depending on the brand you choose.

We’ve talked about how pads and tampons take a toll on you body and pockets. Now we need to think about where everything goes after you’re done with them. The following two diagrams put things into perspective.

I hope I have opened your eyes to a few things you may have not thought about before!