You’re feeding a disease or you’re fighting it

Either its building you up or breaking you down

This applies on a holistic level. When it comes to thinking, your thoughts are building dreams or they are breaking them apart. Your fears can be fed or ignored. Thoughts create vibrations to deliver different frequencies. If you constantly give off the frequencies of your fears and worries you will attract your fears and worries. If you concentrate your thoughts on the positive, you will attract more positive. You must make every thought into the positive. Never think about what you dont want but what you actually do want. You must be in a constant movement of building your dreams and not think about the fear of failure. Thats the only way you can obtain metal freedom!

When it comes to eating you must consume things that make you feel alive! Foods that feed your mind body and soul. You must listen to your body. Avoid trying to eat to look a certain way. If you feed your body what it needs to thrive it will be easy to look however you wish. If your body spends all day trying to break down and digest processed foods and meats it has no time to dedicate to the other aspects of your body. When you eat right you think more clear, you allow your body the time to dedicate to your immune system, you’re in a better mood because you dont have things making you feel sluggish.

When it comes to the people you choose to socialize with. Are they vibrating at a frequency that is making yours rise or lower? Are they adding anything to your life? If not then they are pulling you down and depleting your energy. The people closest to you should motivate you, support your, call you out… to make you a aware, but also have suggestions on how to improve. As you are changing your life to better yourself you will gradually lose people simply because as you may be on a journey of self improvement, everyone isn’t. So until they catch up…you may need to take a few steps away in order to preserve yourself. Find people to share dreams with. Set goals! Encourage one another… build one a other up and make sure never the one bringing someone down.

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