what will the film industry do when Michael Cera is too old to play an awkward teenager?

By Teresa Reinert.

It’s the question on everyone’s mind. It’s the cause of crippling fear amongst film directors. It’s what keeps people like Edgar Wright and Jason Reitman up at night, gasping for air and praying for help.

It’s basically a known fact that in this world, there is really only one true awkward teenager. His hair is a colorless collection of curls, and his chinless face has somewhere between two and three expressions (joy, fear and confusion). His amazingly crooked posture and uncomfortable walking paste is also a crucial part of the incredible ensemble that is Michael Cera.

Not counting future cloning or the probability of 79 year old Cera playing the role of Dennis, the seventeen year old softball player, there is hope after all for classic teen dramas. In the grand scheme of things, when Michael Cera ages at last, there probably will be another hopelessly geeky, stuttering, potentially lactose-intolerant go-to for the casting employees. After all, before Michael Cera, we had Urkle. And before Urkle, we had Anthony Michael Hall.

Therefor, as the world partially crashes and burns, those who have yet to experience the wonders of our chinless, yellow-shorts-wearing Scott Pilgrim, our African American, legally blind geek and ever so excused virgin member of the Breakfast Club, the world shall rise again and offer a new cast member, freshly bred.

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