Is this the place to rant or what?

Something I posted in a response on FreeRepublic.

There is not enough bullshit out there already to cover a 24/7 news-cycle. Why do you think CNN and others begin to make s**t up; make mountains out of mole hills; and ignore important and meaningful stories?

Perhaps it is about the 8 things to control, as stated by Saul Alinsky.

Number 6 — Education — Take control of what people read and listen to; take control of what children learn in school.

Although I personally feel Saul Alinsky was a ‘loser’, a Saul that could not become a Paul. He did say some truthful, or accurate, things though.

Keeping in mind, that what I have found so far, is that Alinsky did not join any group or profess affiliation with any group. Alinsky may have been a bitter, narrow minded, man; but he was not totally stupid, no sophist is stupid. I don’t like Lenin either, but that does not change the fact he was successful in obtaining his goals, no matter how bad those goals were.

Alinsky saw this simple axiom as true; ‘It is better to rule from the shadows, then lead from the throne’. Thus the reason for not joining groups, even the ones he created.

To be an archaeologist, was an endeavor Alinsky professed to enjoy and was educated in; I, therefore, assume he had a fairly good background in human history and anthropology as well. Just bad interpretation and a deficient understanding of the data he obtained. Archeology paid no money at the time, competition for funding was intense in those days, and it consolidated no real ‘power’. Indiana Jones, he was not.

The sign of a real good sophist, a person who can beguile others with the ‘near’ truth.

What was Alinsky’s worst contribution to humanity, his error or fallacy you may ask?

He was similar in respect to Freud, grandfather of Edward Bernays; Freud was basically a, ‘blame it on your environment’ kind of guy. A tag-line that Alinsky evolved and enlarged upon in his books.

“It could not be that your life sucks because you won’t do anything about it. It has got to be someone or something else’s fault that you are a f**k up.” And here is a tidbit about the social/herd mentality; f**k ups cling together and become mobs.

It was Bernays, who is one of the main characters to perfect the use of the mob; ‘mob hysteria’. Compared to Bernays’s shark devouring humanity, Alinsky was a minnow. When someone says that it is for the people, watch out. I am always skeptical of a person who wants, what should be, a terrible responsibility.

Saul Alinsky was a community organizer for many years in Chicago, where Obie, also a ‘community organizer’ comes from. 2016, averages 2 murders a day in Chicago, need I say more. Real good, assholes.

The root of Alinsky’s deception was in his use of ‘Have and Have-Nots’; inevitably class creation. No one ever asked the question, ‘why this happened?’ He just lied by omission and let the people believe someone took from them, something they never possessed in the first place.

Here is a truth you will not like to hear. Whenever a society creates an ‘unattended government’ (this appears to be similar to an unattended child in the ‘Five & Dime’ store, a thing I remember from my childhood) you inevitably end up with a class or caste structure. How you say? Easy, those in power and those that are not. This is the true nature of a ‘Democracy’, the United States is a ‘Constitutional Republic’; our ‘founding documents’ are very good, our ‘roll-out’ and implementation sucks.

Exercising power appears to be the most addicting behavior there is, makes heroin addiction look like a minor cold. To exercise power you got to have some one to exercise it on, duh.

In other words Saul, “because some have, and some do not, boo-hoo.” So Saul; because some had ‘power’ and you did not, you sought to get power by defrauding the people of the truth. I believe this statement applies to the Clintons as well. I will not get into Hillary’s connection to Alinsky here.

Everything about Alinsky was about amassed ‘people power’ and ‘the end justified the means.’ Alinsky knew he did not want to be ‘king turd on s**t island’ but the position of first advisor was cool. Sort of like Valerie Jarrett’s position, make a lot of trouble that someone else gets blamed for.

And here is another little truthful tidbit to chew on,

“The only way to achieve permanent world peace is to kill all the humans, part two of this is worse; believe it when I say there are humans who think about this and would like to see it.”

Mostly only the weak and the lazy need ideological groups of any kind, upon this Saul and I agree. The difference being that Saul saw his ‘have-nots’ as an unorganized source of political (people) power, H. Clinton saw this as well, in truth everyone who desires power knows this. It appears people power was something Saul desired, needed, to become his version of Paul. Essentially to obtain this power required preying on the weak minded and uninformed; typically those that inhabit large cities.

Education, truthfully people, education is free or essentially it is. It depends on how you value your time. The best educated people throughout history have been those that are self taught, who own their own knowledge and how they obtained it. For example I offer, Percy Spencer, the man who made the microwave oven. He never finished grade school.

Look at all the (on-line) educational institutions competing for your Internet dollar. The data, the information, the knowledge is out there and readily available, it is up to you on how you get it. What is it worth for you to KNOW? And the more you know the harder it is for ideologues to control you and possibly a better individual you will become.

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