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This is interesting. However, to me may be an indicator of a more serious problem.

The 1st issue I want to address is this; since the beginning of this discussion (ACC) I have been waiting for a clear declaration of the central heat source and temperatures. You see we are talking about temperatures rising, and the effect on different systems, correct?

Okay what is the primary heat source of the planet? Planet’s surface? Believe it or not, the first answer I get from most people is the Sun. Now think about this, if the earth did not have a molten core there would be none of this. Nothing or at least it would extremely different then it is now.

(remember, our molten core is probably the main cause of the electro-magnetic fields that protect us from solar radiation, among other things.)

The point is this without going into the physics etcetera, the earth’s core temperature is still an ‘unknown’, in fact just recently the mantle temperature was raised approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the estimated core temperature in 2013 was increased by 1,000 degrees Centigrade. With that being said. Does anyone really know what that the changes are to the surface if the interior temperature changes? No. But we do know physics and how ‘heat’ moves.

So in conclusion, the belief in human induced climate change appears invalid, due to too many unanswered questions. If anyone believes ‘the core temp’ is not relative, you are not informed enough to have this discussion.

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