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Kai Lynn Dailey
Feb 27, 2018 · 2 min read
  1. Take-a-book, Leave-a-book Movement

How might we understand the social meaning of the some 60,000 registered Little Free Libraries in 80+ countries?

Possible Framess/Theories

Response to virtual influences (electronic books, fewer independent book stores, change in library use, geographic isolation from social networks prompting community building)

Social signifier (sociability, affiliation, education/economic status-emulation/distinction)


Extra books (Relative affluence: easier to give things away or exchange them. For example, yard sales in some areas of the U.S. aren’t well attended. Relative poverty: inspires exchange economy)

Rejection of consumerism (a variation of freeganism)

Analog expression of social media behaviors

Social Justice

Generational nostalgia

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