Week 18 — Art, Poetry, Or Music- #EdublogsClub

Kai Lynn Dailey
May 25, 2017 · 4 min read
My first oil painting: Flowers by Kai Dailey 16" x 20" 2005 Oil on Canvas
One of my father’s pieces: Fall of Summer by Richard Schopp 1991 Oil on Canvas (Private Collection — D. Nelson)
Ode to Annabel Gault by Kai Dailey 2005 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas
Fireflies by Kai Dailey 2005 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas
My Yellowstone Studio 2007 Kai Dailey
Cole by Kai Dailey 2006 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas
Door by Kai Dailey 2012 24" x 36" Oil on Canvas
Kai Lynn Dailey

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Learning Consultant. Coursera Mentor & Beta-tester. Scholar-practitioner. Mystic. MOOC Junkie. Always doing sociology.

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