WEEK 5: Eight Free Productivity Apps — #EDUBLOGSCLUB

I wanted to share with you eight free productivity apps that I use everyday. I’ve included one winter themed app for decorating your Mac desktop. Hopefully there is at least one app on the list below you’ve not heard of yet. Enjoy.

Internet Productivity Apps

Linoit.com — A free internet app like Tackk or Padlet. I like it better because it offers a cork board background and a “sticky note” like widget for creating new notes. You can post a variety of files to the board.


PivotalTracker.com — A project iteration manager used in agile software development, but it’s incredibly useful for any kind of project that requires iterations, updates or fixes. And if you’re working with a team, it keeps everyone on the same page. It’s free for up to 3 projects. I use tags to get more out of the free level, so I can keep track of unlimited projects.


AirTable.com— This is absolutely the loveliest database I’ve ever seen. I mean it’s pretty. And it’s easy to use. It’s got a spreadsheet interface and a form card view for each record that is especially nice when viewing on a phone or tablet. You can get your data out really easily via csv. It’s reporting capability is limited, but it plays well with Zapier.com. It also can be used with teams. Team members can comment on individual records. My favorite feature: You can store images in it and actually see them as thumbnails in the spreadsheet view.


Zoom.us— I love that we have access to the full version of this video chat tool as students at California State University Fullerton. I like the interface a lot better than Google Hangouts, and I think it’s a smoother, high quality experience for folks who’ve never tried video meetings before. If you’ve haven’t yet used Zoom, the free level allows unlimited one-on-one meetings and 40 minute meetings for groups up to 50.


POP by Marvel— This app lets you take a photo of a paper prototype for a user interface and then create click zones on the image to create a working mock really fast. The current pricing structure is free for two projects. I discovered this app while beta-testing the MOOC Prototyping and Design for the User Interface Design Specialization by The University of Minnesota on the Coursera platform.

Apps For iOS Only

Noteshelf for iPad — This has been such an indispensable app for me. It’s sometimes a lot faster for me to write or draw notes than to type. I included this app even though it costs about $10 because I wanted you to know about it. You can draw, take notes, annotate images and PDFs. It’s easy to export the pages created. I use it for everything from todo lists to drawing design ideas.


DeskFun— Lets you run animated gifs on your iOS desktop.


Winter Decorations for Your Mac Desktop

Snowflakes— Lovely customizable snowflakes fall on your desktop while you work. You can adjust the size, number, style and speed of the snowflakes. Okay, this might not count as a productivity app but a little fun never hurts.

Snowflakes falling on my desktop while I watch a YouTube video on the Kennedys.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you’ll post a comment with a free productivity app that you use regularly for either Windows or Mac.