Week 7: Listicle — #EDUBLOGSCLUB

Kai Lynn Dailey
Apr 21, 2017 · 2 min read

This post is part of the #EdublogsClub — a group of educators and edtech enthusiasts that blog around a common theme each week. Simply write a post and share it to join in, or sign up to receive email reminders of each new prompt. -Edublogger

I joined the #Edublogsclub 16 weeks ago, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve enjoyed writing the posts listed below from the email prompts I receive each week. I’ve connected with other education bloggers in the club. It’s been a positive experience so far.

I’m still catching up on back posts, but that’s part of what has been so helpful about this blog project, that amazingly I’m still working at it, and I'm writing more. My workflow for writing is changing, less procrastination more finished work. I’m also starting to reflexively imagine how to turn things I watch, read or conversations I’ve had into blog posts. And I’m now returning to my unfinished drafts with much more motivation, imagination and flow.

I’ve created this post to list the first 25 #edublogsclub stories. I’ll continue to update it. Please bookmark it and return again soon.


WEEK 1: My Blog Story

Until now I blogged anonymously.

Week 2: Working Remotely From My Home Office

Last October marked my fifth year of working remotely. I didn’t initially plan to work from home.

Week 3: Leadership

Examples of #resistance leadership I found inspiring, thought provoking, and encouraging immediately after the 2017 Presidential Inauguration.

Week 5: Eight Free Productivity Apps

Apps I used everyday in my work as an instructional designer.

Week 10: Catching Up on Seamless Learning

Seamless Learning and the shift to Education 3.0


Guitar performance by Homeless in Santa Barbara

Week 13: The Pendulum

I don’t buy the argument that learning styles have been officially debunked. Yeah. You read that right.


A young relative of my mine recently left public school to attend a part-time alternative program in a nearby community. One benefit…more sleep.

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