What is God’s Plan for Us?

When people say, “God has a plan for you” my completely neurotic, control obsessed brain can’t help but wonder what on Earth that plan has in store for me. Why is it that we aren’t born with blueprint in hand, life typed out for us in a convenient little pamphlet perfectly outlining when we would have troubles and where we could find triumphs. Why is it that we’re supposed to trust in this greater plan that has been laid out for us but we don’t actually get to know what it is?

But that’s the thing, you don’t get to know what’s coming next until it’s happening.

That’s the beauty of it.

That’s the purpose of it.

For if our lives were completely unsurprising to us, how would we find the motivation we need to wake up everyday and go after what we want? If we knew we were going to end up millionaires, or CEO’s, or professional athletes, or hell even trophy wives; how would we find the desire to work until we actually reached those endings? How would we know what worked and what didn’t work if we were too comfortable in our fate to try anything new?

That’s the magic. That’s the plan.

The plan is in the sweat, tears, emotional triumphs and late night breakdowns. God has put you on this Earth full of love and wonder, and has left it up to you to take that where you want to. Maybe God’s plan was just to give you the tools you would need to succeed and letting you fail and try until eventually one day you prosper.

Success after all is nothing more than a succession of days of hard work strung together until you’ve made a break through.

It’s that breakthrough that does it. That break through is what everyone is after, it’s what everyone thinks God has planned for them. When in reality it’s the path that takes to get there that is His ultimate goal. The path that teaches you so much about the world, and even more about yourself. The journey it takes to reach your goal is what makes you the real success story.

Think about it, there has never been a movie made about someone who has been successful that spent the full two hours talking about the actual achievement. That part, that ending, usually only has 10 minutes or less of screen time, because at the end of the day no one is moved by what you have to show for what you did, they care about how you got there.

Others are inspired by the path you take, not the profit of your efforts.

So relax and accept that you don’t know where you’ll end up. Don’t let yourself become so crippled by the curiosity that you’re unable to move forward. Let God in and let him work through you, trust in him, trust in his path for you, trust that it will work out. You don’t have to have everything figured out, quite honestly you don’t even have to have a little bit figured out. Just live, experience, and most importantly keep your faith and hard work.

Spread your wings, feel God’s love for you, and go make something of yourself.

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