The Apple Watch

Must-have or expensive “toy”?

Everyone knows and wants to have one: the Apple Watch. I bought one and now I’m trying it out.

After my last article about shopping in Berlin a lot of people wrote me, how they found the article and what they liked or disliked. And I got some suggestions for further articles. Thank you so much! I’ll work out some of your suggestions in my next articles.

Today I’ll present you the Apple Watch, which I got recently. I thought this is a new topic, which might be interesting for one or two.

I bought the very popular sporty variant of the Apple Watch with a simple white watchstrap. The watchstraps can be changed very easy and that’s why the Apple Watch is wearable for every cause.

The Apple Watch is available in two different sizes. You can decide between the small 38 millimeter variant (similar to a classic women’s watch) and the bigger 42 millimeter variant. I consciously decided for the bigger one, because it isn’t even that big.

I‘m bound to say that the Apple Watch is very light and comfortable to wear. That’s surely because it’s made of aluminum. The Apple Watch is connected to the smartphone. Requirement: You need an iPhone and iOS 8.2.

After checking the requirements I started connecting both advices. It needs time because of various steps and the iCloud registration.

It’s a wrap!

What I noticed is, that the Apple Watch is operated with touchscreen and the crown — the little cog, which watches have for more than 100 years. Therewith you can cheerfully zoom in the apps and out again. Moreover you can go back to the start screen and activate Siri. I really like this kind of solution because the whole screen is visible while using the watch and after some efforts at the beginning, I find it easy now. ☺

The Apple Watch transfers data’s from the iPhone and is a cool supplement especially for users of iPhone 6 plus because they don’t have to put out their smartphone so often. But I also noticed that without my iPhone I can’t use the watch. Even though I have some apps on my Apple Watch, which I can use without the iPhone, the really important apps like the calendar or the navigation only work severely limited.

However, I never go out without my smartphone so I’m always connected. I’m happy with the Apple Watch! I get weather changes, my appointments, new mails and can use the watch at the wrist as speakerphone and navigation. This can completely be transferred to the smartphone.

The Apple Watch is water-protected and can resist extremely cold or warm temperatures. Don’t be angry with me, I will not test this. :-P

By using the Apple Watch I want to raise another topic: the battery life!

Because of the Apple Watch is new and I tried a lot of things, thus the battery is half-empty after 6 hours of intensive use. Anyway, battery-loading at the evening is required!

Nevertheless, because of the two charging stations (iPhone and Apple Watch) both can be charged parallel.

Bottom line:

After a few days of using the watch I think it’s a cool and clever gadget in everyday life but also for useful essentials like incoming calls or recall of mails and appointments. Of course, the battery life is short but maybe Apple will come up soon with a good idea.

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