Write to Timothy French. How you can help.

Please read the very important general guidelines for writing and sending books to inmates.


The guidelines explain what can or can’t be sent or written to an inmate. Facilities have sent back or destroyed letters and books.

A full name and return address are required on the envelope.

You can send a postcard to an inmate in the United States right from your computer, tablet, or phone. Fees apply. https://www.flikshop.com/

Please do not include money or extra stamps in your letters. The inmate will not receive them. To help with an inmate’s legal defense fund or to donate to their commissary fund where they can buy stamps and other items, ask the group supporting the inmate for more information. More information on how to donate to an inmate’s commissary fund can be found at https://oppenpal.wordpress.com/guidelines/.

Many facilities only accept paperback books and magazines. They have to be shipped directly from a publisher or bookseller, such as Amazon. You can ask the inmate which books they would prefer reading if a wishlist is not available.


(Make sure to include a return address when mailing inmates or they won’t receive it.)

(UPDATE: January 7, 2018)

Hold off writing to Timothy French. He’s been released to a half-way house where he will stay until his release date in April. It’s a residential reentry program. There isn’t an address listed except for staff. We’re trying to see if he can receive mail. Stanley Cohen couldn’t when he was staying in his. We’re very happy Timothy French has been released and wish him all the best in his future!

Timothy Justen French 47606–074

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