How to gain brand visibility by making a viral video (Deepika Padukone and Vogue India style) ?

Step by step guide:
1. Pick gender equality as topic, because you can dole out anything under that garb, and no one dare call you out. Even if someone does, you can count on the activists to call them misogynists and get them to shut up.

2. You need a sexy Bollywood celebrity. Doesn’t matter if the video is purported to break sexual objectification.

3. A Paulo Coelho book and some weed for the script writer to make some outrageous metaphors.

4. Shoot in black and white because you don’t have to worry as much about color and contrast. People will think it is great cinematic effect, anyway.

5. You, a fashion-lifestyle magazine will ‘support’ the video, of course. Doesn't matter that by design and definition, your magazine reinforces stereotypes — which is what the video is purported to fight (most viewers can’t spot it). Doesn't matter that by design and definition the magazine is also elitist.

6. Since viewers have already been dumbed down by scoopwhoop and other viral websites with click –whoring headlines but no real stories, present your viewers with an extra-dumbed down version of gender equality. Do this in the following way:
a. Start with some easily agreeable line, like, ‘any body-type is your choice’ (body chemistry, or metabolism has something to do with this, but who cares for technicality or factual accuracy, anyway?). This isn't enough to create shock value. Viewers, numbed (in addition to being dumbed down) down by the likes of scoopwhoop and storypick need their daily dose of shock. To achieve shock, take every other societal rule and do a ruthless, complete 180 degree spin.
b. Repeat ‘my choice’ with great conviction in the voice over. It doesn’t matter what precedes these words, but, if the affirmative voice says ‘my choice’, and the video is supposed to be about women empowerment, anything goes. It doesn’t matter that each of those rules that you say could be broken, even if valid, call for pages of discourse. The scoopwhoop and junta can tolerate nothing more than, say, 87 words in one go (103 words if the word ‘sex’ is contained in the piece). Therefore just go over everything in the video in just a few seconds. Continue to repeat ‘my choice’. c. Doubly ensure that you add lines about sex. Yes, sex is important. More the shock value, more the video gets shared and the better it is for your brand. Perhaps, even say sex outside marriage is ‘my choice’. Doesn’t matter that if a man says it, he would be ostracized. Feminism has long since left the idea of true gender equality, anyway.

Sit back and watch as women and men, in their eagerness to support the cause of women’s rights, enthusiastically click the like button and share the video in their social media networks, most of them without understanding, or even being aware of the ideas of open-relationships, feminism as a means to egalitarianism as opposed what has become reverse-discrimination, or of the complex social construct of marriage.

What’s really important, though, is that Deepika’s next movie and your next issue of Vogue sell.