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If this was felony coercion, then every company under the sun that uses a subscription model (including ISPs) would be guilty of felony coercion for attempting to get people to upgrade their services =_=

If you are correct and Trish is catfishing, then due to the reason for lying about her identity being primarily for obtaining money, that is fraud and is not a course of action that they have the legal right to engage in; furthermore, if your purpose is limited to compelling the other person to behave in a way reasonably related to the circumstances which were the subject of the accusation, exposure or proposed official action, as by desisting from further misbehavior or making good a wrong done (which it is), then that is an affirmative defense (immediately validates within the eyes of the law) against such charges, or, in short, it’s perfectly legal to give someone an ultimatum to force them to voluntarily stop committing fraud before being exposed as a fraud. You’re free and clear to ignore Margaret Gel (which you should be doing anyways).

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