The Presidential Speech on George Floyd that should have happened.


The Emergency Relief for Citizens Policy


Preparing for Uncertain Times

The Essentials:


More lessons in crisis management and communication

The First Mistake: “It’s not our problem”.

The rise of curation and paywalls.

Aggregators and their Power

Global shifts in the way we work and hire.

The Credential Economy to the Portfolio Economy

Arrival of the Storm.

Going Dark and other Musings

Speed, Sense-Making, and the Attention Economy

“Those who wield the Devil’s tools will be Brought by degrees to wield his sword.” - R. Buckminister Fuller


Crisis, New Paradigms and Sense-Making.

“When you are wrestling for possession of a sword, the man with the handle always wins.” ~ Snowcrash


The Beginning of a New Era.

“I have met the enemy, and he is us”



Persuader. Futurist. Blockchain. Sovereign Individual.

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