What Makes You Unique On Twitch?

How can you differentiate yourself from other channels?

What’s new that you can bring to the platform?

How do you entertain your audience?

Are you expressive?

Are you a rage gamer?

Are you laid back yet talkative?

Do you have funny BTTV (Better Twitch Tv) or FrankerFaceZ emotes for chat to use?

Are your sound effect alerts hilarious or scary to cause a reaction from you, the streamer?

Does your guild (name for your followers) have a cool name?

How do you draw in your audience?

What are some strengths in your personality you can use for your broadcast?

What are things your favorite broadcasters do that you’d want to implement into your stream?

Does your channel have a voice? (I mean this literally)

Kaitality is a variety broadcaster on the video game streaming platform Twitch.

Be sure to join him and hi. Minions as they enjoy indie, fighting, action and horror games. Oh and talk about food.

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