China Celebrates First “Chinese Brands Day” on May 10. 中国品牌日

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Tell A Good Story About China Using Chinese Brands,” this is the theme of China’s first Brand Day on May 10th, approved by the State Council. The attention given to the importance of branding has risen from the corporate level to the federal level. Internationally, China is starting to transform the image of “Made in China” to “Created in China”, illustrating the rise of enterprising innovative Chinese brands.

“Chinese Brands Day” promotes well-known brands, and tells story of Chinese brands.

“Chinese Brands Day” encourages all levels of television, radio and other media to celebrate the holiday. Organizations are encouraged to regularly hold brand conferences and expos at key import and export points. They are also encouraged to showcase their brands globally to raise brand awareness internationally.

For this year’s first “Chinese Brands Day”, Sina Finance, Sina Technology and Weibo jointly hosted an event to ask tens of millions of Chinese netizens to vote for the most well-known Chinese brand. The online vote lasted 7 days. Huawei came in first with 421240 votes, followed by Haier and Maotai. Thousands of brands participated, including the Bank of China, Tsingtao Beer, Wuliangye, Wanda, Lenovo.

Huawei 华为 was voted the No. 1 brand by netizens.

Xinhua News Agency (2017) reported: In a brand conference on May 9, National Development and Reform Commission Industrial Coordination Division inspector Wang Dong outlined the three main objectives of “Chinese Brands Day”:
1. It is to enhance and promote society’s understand of branding, while nurturing and developing and protecting independent brands.
2. It is to increase the consumer’s knowledge of branding and give consumer confidence through establishing emotional captivating brands.
3. It is for firms to build brand communication platform to showcase their own brand development results, share success stories, and help establish China’s brand culture and image.

Wang also said that China’s current market conditions is equipped to help accelerate brand awareness and develop the brand economy. However, compared with developed economies, China still has few internationally well-known brands; its brand influence, value and image is weak. The next step is to focus on building and strengthening the brand economy through top tier designs and business strategy.

In the next few years, we will see the rise of famous and successful Chinese brands on the international market. Brand equity is the key to a corporation’s long term success, growth and profit. Only brand-oriented companies will have longevity.

Source: Sina 新浪网


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Edits: In a previous version, it was called “China Brand Day” instead of the official translation “Chinese Brands Day”.

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