…. Its about your willingness to qualify. It is a privilege when someone believes in us. Especially if we don’t believe in ourselves.. it is a sure gift from God. A gentle kick in the pants. It is not a way to live the rest of your life. Riding on someone else’s fleeting belief. You will have seasons where people believe in you. Then you will have seasons when you may be thought of as crazy for what you're willing to step out and do or believe. I’m talking to you. Whatever season you are in. The most important person that will ever believe in you.. is yourself. Its not a feeling. It is a choice you have to get up and make daily. Who cares what they think of you. Who cares if your not eloquent at speaking or writing. Who cares if you already screwed up and you feel like you're too old, too young, too busy, too stupid, too fat, too skinny, too… Who cares. Its not about your qualifications. You could have none. Its about your willingness to step up and qualify.