A R Rahman songs from your past that you would probably now cringe at

When Chennai Times put out a poll about the top 5 Rahman albums on Twitter, many people responded with what they consider to be the gems of the Mozart of Madras. I, for one, couldn’t stop at 5 and even when I did give 6, I ended up feeling I had left out so many. This led me to go back to all the Rahman songs I heard growing up and hey, since its the 90s and early 2000s, even Rahman could not save himself from some of these really cheesy trends of that time. No one, when they talk of Rahman, ever talk of those songs, that your friend would now only play in a party so he/she could embarrass you by reminding you how you either danced to it once or sang till your lungs burst. This post is by no means a disrespect to the great composer. These songs are still great compositions, just that they are so typically 90s in their feel, picturisation or lyrics. The Maestro too, was giving the film makers, just waht they had ordered, so can’t blame him. These are the songs that we still look back upon lovingly, while shaking our heads at teenage us. So here is the list, the numbering should not be confused with ranking.

  1. Odakaran Marimuthu — Indira (Koi yahan Bhanumati in Hindi)

This was the time when every other girl had a crush on Arvind Swamy

2. Hello Doctor — Kadhal Desam (Hello Doctor in Hindi too)

This was when Tabu tried to play Love Doctor

3. Strawberry Kanne — Minsara Kanavu (Strawberry Aankhein in Hindi)

When Vairamuthu decided you can have pink eyes without conjuctivitus

4. Chandiranai Thottathu yaar — Ratchagan

Two good looking people, a water bed, and Neil Armstrong

5. Oh Maria — Kadhalar Dhinam (Oh Maria in Hindi)

When internet chat rooms used to the Tinder of their times

6. Kathirrikka Kathirrikka — Duet

When fat shaming was a form of love song

7. Akadanu Naanga — Indian (Jhatka laga diya tumne in Hindi)

This was supposed to be a fashion show in a medical school

8. No Problem — Love Birds

Prabhudeva, Apache Indian and all the razzmatazz

9. Mukala Muqabala — Kadhalan (Mukala Muqabala in Hindi)

When Indian cinema wondered about how Dinosaurs made love

10. Chiggy Wiggy — Blue

When Kylie Minogue decided to become item girl for Desi Casanova Akshay Kumar

I am sure I have missed out on some gems in this unusual tribute to our Mozart of Madras. Lastly, I love Rahman. I think and I say this in all seriousness, the best Superstar entry song till date was composed by him. So I leave you with that. May the Maestro keep sharing his brilliance with us forever.

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