Simple Answers for Difficult Questions

Unforced reflections freely flowing through your head are often the best way to explain life. So I believe.

These days, so many articles are written, debates are boiling, views are exchanged - red, hot and explosive… We sure have a lot of time on our hands to complicate things which are simple by design. And I guess, perhaps our pay-per-word culture taught us to give overextended answers to questions that are really simple. Or could be simple, if we were ever satisfied.

I hear — and I think:

The Earth is dying! Why doesn’t anybody care?! — Simply, the Earth is a big thing in anyone’s mind. Much bigger than us, and as long as humanity existed, we always relied on it to sort us, not the other way round. A pretty tough habit to break.

Why is the world so sexist? — Because people are easy to offend, and women particularly. World isn’t sexist, just imperfect — and we take issue with it, instead of letting the little things go and work with it.

Justice system is corrupt! Can we not do something? — Justice is one of the harshest things out there, and it baffles me anyone should expect correction from it. It’s not there to benefit the person — but to prevent the society around that person from sliding into anarchy after their example. At any cost.

How did Trump become the President? — Simply, capitalism personified. Worth being surprised, when it has really ruled for a really long time and now came in person…

Is it coz I’m black??? — No, but you’re doing a great job proving all the stereotypes.

Young people don’t socialise. Why are they always on their phone? — Because older generations are still dying of pride with their most disruptive and intensive God-simulating creations to date (gadgets). Our kids won’t be like that, cause by the time they come around, we’ll have been long bored.

Will robots take all our jobs in the near future? — Yes! So finally we can write all those books we never wrote, travel places we always dreamt of, catch up with all those friends we’ve been meaning to…! It will be awesome! Or does it really have to be a bad thing?

Is this the end of capitalism era? — Any -ism means it’s way to complicated to last.

How do I make money while not doing much? — Just like the rest of them: simply sell your soul to the devil, then follow the instructions.

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