Mental Healing isn’t a Race — No Speed is too Slow

Realize that we all have different speeds that are healthy for us and to stick to that.

A few days ago my brother and I made the long drive from the west side of Oregon to northern Utah. My brother and I drove for 12 hours straight (maybe with a couple of bathroom breaks) and on the way back I drove for three hours. If you don’t know what the drive is like, I tell you it is like being stuck in the middle of different shades of brown and there is nothing exciting to look at (except for the Columbia Gorge, but I was asleep for that this time). Also my sibling was asleep for a good hour while I drove.

Anyway, there are a lot of semis on the road and because I was in a Nissan Altima I could drive much faster, so I would pass them. While I was singing along to One Direction, a thought slapped my brain. How easy I was passing these huge road blocks (literal road blocks) without even blinking an eye. How easy it was to just move to the other lane and pass them. One right after the other. Since I was on a freeway I didn’t have to worry about oncoming traffic.

Why can’t I pass the road blocks in my life as easily? Why is it that I make myself stay behind the “trucks of life”? Why do I torture myself with the slow speeds that I am not in control of? Why do I not just take the wheel and pass the hardships and never look back to pay the past a second thought?

The past is a trippy thing. It is haunting or precious. It can be full of nightmares or beautiful memories. Sometimes it is hard to let it go and to drive forward. Sometimes it is hard to accept that you have to act in order to drive into the sunset.

Like any other person, I have a past, but not as traumatic as some. But even if that is the case, pasts are nothing to be compared. Everyone has their own story that has put them through their own personal hell. Everyone has scars that might not seem as deep as others, but the point is that they are there and deserve as much respect as the next person’s scars. We are all living on this earth together and it is important that we recognize that we are here together.

On the road, behind me, there were lots of other cars that passed the semis and I passed semis that have been passed. But none the less, they are all semis that needed to be passed in order to continue down the road.

I have had semis in my life. Some I passed easier than others and I do have to admit that sometimes they do catch up to me if I am not working on moving myself along to improve myself to heal.

However, you must learn to drive to be able to pass the semis. You have to learn to regulate speed, use you blinkers, and hopefully you are able to drive in a straight line. Driving requires focus and smart decision making in order to stay safe.

Don’t we need to do this in life? Realize that we all have different speeds that are healthy for us and to stick to that. To realize that we are all different people and will make different decisions in order to what is best for us. A person must understand that in order to heal. To work through our problems we need to stay focused and work on ourselves so that we can conquer whatever gets in our way.

Driving is one of my least favorite things to do. All those who are close to me know this and they might find it hilarious that I am making this comparison, but when you have miles of open road, the most interesting thoughts come to mind.

Life is a highway… You are in charge of your direction, your speed, and your driving style. What is important about that is that you drive safely, thus live a healthy lifestyle. Learn your car, learn your body. What do you need to do to be happy and live a life that you dream of having?

For me, I need eight hours of sleep. I need a lot of exercise. I need medication. I need time with those I love with some time alone to recharge. I need to do what I love without reservations of feeling whether or not I am good at it or not. Being happy is something that is personal and personalized. No one can be happy like you can. Your happy is special. Learn how to drive to be happy and to pass the semis in life, just like you would pass them on the road.

Thank you for reading and clapping! Have a great day!