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We have a fresh month ahead of us and so, in order to help you start off on the right foot, I thought it would be helpful if I shared a planning process that will help you get the most out of the next 31 days.

Step 1 — Reflect on ‘wins’ from the previous month

When planning most people dive straight into ‘what I need to do this month mode’ … start with reflecting on what went well for you last month and give yourself a pat on the back — this will help you start the process with a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

Step 2 — Figure out your main focus

Write down everything in your mind / to do list and work out which things are the most important to prioritise.

Step 3 — Establish a schedule

Work out a plan with deadlines for completing tasks, projects and goals. Things with a date get done! Always allow 30–50% more time that you think you’ll need to make sure you give yourself every chance of completing them.

Step 4 — Plan relaxing time

You need to create space to recharge and relax, NOW! By doing it at the start of the month you’re more likely to take a step back and relax when needed (you can’t be ‘on’ 100% of the time, manage your energy).

Step 5 — Make space for the unexpected

NEVER scheduled more than 75% of your day because things will come up, they always do. If you have space in your schedule you’ll be able to cope with unexpected things easier and reduce chances for being overwhelmed.

Step 6 — Get yourself organised

Fail to plan = plan to fail. Have an outline plan to achieve your most important priorities for the month. 10 minutes invested in planning saves 100 minutes in doing.

Step 7 — Think about social plans and plan fun stuff

Plan to have some FUN! It’s not all work, work, work. Make sure you carve out some space to see friends, family and do stuff you love as a reward for your entrepreneurial efforts. Plan one adventure for just you each month.

Step 8 — Show gratitude

Make time to thank other people who have helped you. Showing gratitude is a very easy way of creating a good relationship, and it will help you (and those around you) feel more positive and appreciated.

Have a great week.

Be authentic. You always have a choice. Lead.

David Foster


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