TaaS — Blockchain Investment Fund

Introducing TaaS-

TaaS is launching a Closed End fund on Blockchain. You can buy shares of TaaS in the ongoing ICO of TaaS. These shares mean that you own a percentage of TaaS which will have assets under it. These assets would be bought with the investment made in the ICO.

ICO Page — http://taas.fund/

Other then that you will be receiving periodic dividends from TaaS. TaaS will intelligently trade between cryptocurrencies in blockchain. The trades would be made by intelligent expert traders. So there is high probability that most of trades would be profitable. And from these profits only you will receive dividends.

You may have also heard about Iconomi and Melonport. Many of you must be thinking TaaS is just like them. I have seen many people comparing it with Iconomi and Melonport on Bitcoin Talk and Reddit. But let me tell you guys that TaaS is completely different concept.

Iconomi and Melonport are just platforms where people can manager funds of their customer. On the other hand, TaaS would be itself managing funds of all the investors of the ICO. Hopefully TaaS would become fully functional before the Fund managers start using Iconomi or Melon Port.

Other than that, TaaS is also focusing on transparency to all the investors. All the funds held by TaaS and all trades made would be available to public and they can easily audit it.

TaaS would be selling 1 TaaS at rate of $ 1. But if you are one of the early investors you will receive bonuses of up to 25%. However, bonuses will keep on decreasing as more and more investments come. And it will finally become 0 when 9000 Bitcoins are invested.

I would advice everyone to buy TaaS in their ICO as soon as possible and take advantage of bonuses. In the first fifteen days, it has collected more than 3000 Bitcoins worth of investments. So the current bonus is 17.5 % . And it week decrease by 2.5 % when TaaS ICO crosses the 4000 Bitcoin mark.

Let us come back to the Dividends from TaaS. 50 % of the profits made by TaaS would be quarterly distributed among TaaS holders at that time. This means you can also buy more TaaS after its ICO gets over. TaaS is an Ethereum token which will be tradable on exchanges. But most probably the price of TaaS would rise when they are listed on an exchange. So it is advisable to buy more TaaS at a lower rate in its ICO.

However, you should make your own strategy of buying or selling TaaS. This was just my personal advice based on my research on TaaS.

Bounty Campaign

TaaS is also offering some bounties where you can earn some free TaaS without investing in it. It includes Twitter campaign, Facebook Campaign, Signature campaign on Bitcoin Talk, and some more exciting bounties. You can see details about their bounty campaign on their Bitcoin Talk Bounty Page.

I hope we will be seeing lots of investments in TaaS before its ICO ends.

Invest Here — http://taas.fund/

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