The Only Thing Horrifying About The “Dash Cam” Is That It Needs To Be “Horrifying” Enough For Us To…
Ezinne Ukoha

I am horrified.

The fact that, to me, seems to constantly crop up in these cases is: the police officer panicked.


Why did he panic, why did he not listen to the words being said, why did he ask to see his license then with tunnel vision/hearing focus on he was licensed to carry a gun. Thus misinterpreting any motion as gun related.

He never should have put his hand on his weapon, much less drawn it.

The officer panicked. Then he killed an innocent man that was doing what he was told to do. By the officer in a panic. With his finger on the trigger, waiting for the panic to overcome the resistance, the faint resistance of the gun.

Why was this man ever a police officer, why was he ever given a gun?

Why does his call himself a man?

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