What I Hope to Learn from the Tech Giants
Ajit Pai

I hadn’t realized that you were a supporter of white nationalism. That is interesting as you do not appear to have the proper shade of skin. My only knowledge of your skin color is via the web. Maybe it has always been edited by Big Tech Giants.

Forcing the Tech Giants to allow the free expression of ideas in support of PragerU, a well known promoter of violence and hate, is quite surprising. White nationalist and ultra-conservative groups have little liking for people of other nationalities or races existing in America. Perhaps they have yet to see your icon.

Being a lawyer and not really having a proper background in tech (besides big plastic coffee cups with advertisers logos) I suspect you are wanting tech to magically make your new friends a free platform to spew their hate. Some good news is your background as a lawyer was there to remind others of the 1st Amendment.

I await your statement of support for white supremacists and ultra-conservative groups by the FCC funding Big Tech Giants as government monopolies so messages of hate will be heard throughout America.

No doubt Big Telecom and Big ISPs will receive the Federal Dollars they so desperately need to control the advertising on the widely watched platforms.