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There is no documentation to support that belief. You are welcome to keep it. However, Obama never stated such and neither did any in his administration.

However, Steve Bannon has stated such as he has guided much of Trump’s goals for the government of the US itself. Specifically, “the destruction of the administrative state” and many of Trump’s post-it notes (those bits of paper that he loves to sign that are not bills) are focused on just that purpose.

Trump is focused on removing controls, regulations, and any government obstacles to profit by and for corporations. That includes rights granted or supported by all previous administrations. Including rights for workers, students, the disabled, the protection of our drinking water and is doing so under many guises, often not under any guise at all.

One wonders when the 14th admendment is on the chopping block as surely Trump is eager to put a post-it negating the Emancipation Proclamation.