This is the end, Medium.

Okay, Medium. I get it. I read the maximum stories for NYTimes. The thing is I hadn’t noticed any of them were NYTimes articles.

Do NOT show them to me.

I have had my fill of the NYTimes. They claim to be the nation’s newspaper but had very strange ideas of what the cost needs to be. My wife has a subscription yet without using her phone I cannot access it. Different last names or something. Regardless my wife has come back frustrated several times and I still do not have access to their sites because she pays the $15/mon. Very unlike a newspaper where it can be accessed by more than one person. Even at once(!), it’s like a freaking miracle of technology.

I am quite mixed on local artists as well. When you first did the Pro level, the paid subscription model it was okay. Not really in a place to subtract yet another fee from from fixed income so I thought I would watch it from close by. A wait and see attitude. $5/month seems light but it’s $60 at the end of the year. A month’s worth of Rx co-pays.

Of course, initially the change to Medium itself was terrible. Slowly you seemed to get your feet back under you and I can actually follow a writer or two and see their latest. I did drop the email notice because it has nothing to do with showing me what I am interested in. Nope, most were for paid articles.

I have stopped following those that are behind the barrier. Because I get the same countdown. Of course, the countdown happens regardless if I read the article or not. It pops up, I close the tab. Yet it counts. I am not a slow reader but I cannot read a page in 2.2 seconds. Just so you know.

Later. Maybe.