A story about self-exile — an African woman living in Europe is stuck in her alienated world because it is better to be an illegal immigrant in France than to be a free citizen in Nigeria — from Ayo Deforge

A self-portrait of a melancholic architect — from Kamara

Three poems from Nigerian Oyeleye Mahmoodah

Paint It Red

Let Us

Poetry in a historic perspective and life’s happenings — from John Chinaka Onyeche

We Curate Our Memories In Six Days

A story about struggle and belief — from South African Paul Khumalo

Two poems about Growth and Gynephilia — from Bobbybryan Uzoma


The story of a photographer who avoids friendship of any sort because she believes it stirs rain — from Marycynthia Chinwe Okafor

A story about romantic fiction and girlhood in Nigerian boarding schools.— Oluwakemi Agbato

Poems describing the evils of the devil and the events of the hereafter — Zakiyyah Dzukogi

The Middle Of June, 1780

A story about crime, perpetrated in a civilized manner — from Aminu Salihu

The Kalahari Review

Where Africa tells her stories

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