An epistolary offering of grief that falls back on motifs of freedom and spirituality through learning and discovering self after loss — by Tinashe Dylan Manguwa

An essay capturing the cyclical nature of substance abuse and addiction — Nabila Ismail-Shaikh

4 poems about man and nature, and its mysteries — from Emmanuel Akintoye

The Advent of Feeding

Started as breast milk with lullaby
Source cuddled me to sleep when I could hardly
Containing so many minerals like a valley
Filling me, leaving protruding my little belly

A story about a boy’s life-altering encounter at the altar — from BunmiOke

Four poems from Liberian writer Sunny Eddie Crawford

As I Lean On You Lord, Guide Me

(This poem is about me as a person trying to redeem myself from the past and restore the vulnerability I’ve left by my late father)

A story that follows a young girl who finds herself in a series of ill-fated events and expresses herself in a way that leads to more chaos — from Stephanie Chizoba Odili

A story about birth, expectations and parenting — by Faith Nwani

A reflective article about the author’s invitation to attend the 75th birthday party of the global icon Nelson Mandela — from Peter Bayer

The Kalahari Review

Where Africa tells her stories

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