I Lost 86 Pounds and Learned a Few Things
Chris Higgins

Sounds good. I like to hear overweight people who have decided to do something about their weight rather than complaining that no one has the right to say anything about their weight or that airlines should stop discriminating against them with the sizes of seats in planes.

My problem though is the opposite. I lose weight. I forget to eat. I walk up to 30km in a single day and average about 12km. I work 1 full time job that involves a lot of standing and several part time jobs. Finding time to eat or sit and relax is hard. A year and a half ago I was 63kg at 6 foot 2 in height. So I started lifting weights 5 days a week and eating 5–6 meals a day. I got up to 85kg and felt great. Then I had an injury and stopped. Then I got very busy with work. In the last month I’ve lost nearly 5kg. I’m now 69kg and getting ill all the time. My clothes don’t fit and I hate looking at myself in the mirror after a shower.

Though we often read articles about people who are overweight and lose or want to lose weight, I never see articles about people like me. It takes the same effort and life changes for me to gain as it does for you to lose… just the opposite ones in regards to food intake and general activity. It’s hard. Life doesn’t really allow much time for us to focus on us these days.

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