Living in Caen, but originally from Brittany, the painter Arnaud Journou prints his “pop art” touch to all his works and his paintings are now exported all over the world.

A move that changed his life: when Arnaud Journou moved in with his future wife a few years ago, she discovered a box of paints and sketches, as well as photos of young Arnaud painting.

While he had been handling pencils since his childhood, as an adult he embarked on a completely different career, far from the tubes of gouache. After this discovery, his wife pushed him to pick up his paint brushes again and to find the way of drawing, realizing at first some pieces for their relatives. Once posted on social networks, these paintings quickly attracted the Espace Art Gallery of Brussels: the gallery owner ordered his first collection, which sold like hotcakes.

It was the beginning of success for the artist, who then met Christophe Petyt, the Jackson family manager, who asked him to customize bags for his brand, Private Haute Couture, distributed in the United Arab Emirates. These two facets of the business are now at the heart of Arnaud Journou’s daily life, and he has launched “By Journou”: the pop art creator imposes his eccentric, acid and sensual touch on paintings as well as on clothes and accessories.

I work intuitively, very rarely on sketches

“I work intuitively, very rarely on sketches”, smiles the artist who will soon exhibit his art at the Agora gallery in Manhattan, New York. All this while continuing to paint on commission for individuals and for some well-known show business personalities. Among his fans: the singer Pascal Obispo, Chris Marques, the juror of “Dancing with the Stars”, the comedian Jarry and the chef Norbert Tarayre for whom he is currently preparing paintings for his restaurants.

Very inspired by Basquiat, Botero, Dali but also Jisbar and Andy Warhol, he recognizes his chance to live a “democratization of painting via street art and pop art. We have entered a new era, with a focus on pop art by galleries,” he enthuses. The next step for this artist, whose order book is full until February, is to develop corners where he will offer signed prints in very limited series.

In collaboration with Kalao, Arnaud Journou is producing 5 unique paintings, each accompanied by an NFT, which will be offered at auction starting December 1, 2021.

About Arnaud Journou

Arnaud Journou, the new star of Pop’Art that celebrities are snatching up, from Dubai to Paris, Brussels and New York. His terrific work is very hyped and being exported all over the world. Fashion, luxury, show business, his signature is identified by its acidulous notes, its very Pop style and its taste for punchlines.

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