#Khaidi150 review

For the uninitiated, the movie is at IMDb.

Not a die-hard fan of #chiranjeevi but I like some of his good work in the past. I do not like the self aggrandization in “big hero” movies and kept my expectations in check. But the enthusiasm of fans all around while waiting to get into the theater can be infectious.

Knowing his failed attempt at politics and the blunders he made there, I consciously tried very hard to put that aside and watch the movie for what it is — entertainment. But it just wasn’t to be that simple.

The movie started off with the usual ‘the hero can do anything’ kind of situation. I must say Chiranjeevi on screen looked relaxed after looking anything but in the recent past, all over the news in the wrong profession. You’d think a top actor making his comeback after a decade would make at least a little effort to get in shape & be fit for his role. But he has piled on the pounds and could barely move in dance sequences. His dialogue delivery in some scenes was was way too slow. Indicates he might not have done much preparation for this work, unlike his next generation. He needs to change himself for the better if he plans to do more lead roles.

Kaajal is present only for eye candy and not much scope for her to perform. That was expected and still disappointing.

VV Vinayak proves again that he cannot handle pressure. He’s done it with Akhil & now this. When your lead actor is a chubby 60 year old, you do not do time lapse of action scenes that highlight how overweight he is. All the advertising shows how slim Chiranjeevi is, when in fact he is more like this. They had to Photoshop the images to make him look good. That is misleading the audience. Not sure if it amounts to deceit since they are selling that he looks one way when he really doesn’t. The movie could have been made better if it wasn’t all about just Chiranjeevi.

I went not knowing that it was a remake. Met a friend during intermission who mentioned this and it surprised me that for a comeback film after a decade which coincidentally happens to be his 150th flick, he chose a remake of all things. The movie itself has nothing new or imaginative. A predictable story that’s often dragged along with irrelevant sub-plots. The only respite in the movie is the occasional humor and the presence of #Brahmanandam.

The dialogues by the Paruchuri brothers are banal for the most part and some terms they use are simply antediluvian — like referring to all big companies as “corporate” and even calling people with that word!

The fights are cuckoo but that is to be expected of course. No surprise there. Not sure why they skimped on hiring proper actors but you can tell almost all outside the main cast are first timers and might not even be actors. Just stand ins who were eager to get some screen time in a big movie. The antagonist could not even lip sync the dialogues. The director’s mind was probably out for a stroll while shooting his scenes.

My rating — 3 out of 10; simply not worth putting up 30$ to go see in a theater. I’d only pay half the regular ticket price to see this at the movies. Not more.