Have you got a really fantastic product or service but you’re struggling with how to clearly articulate what your brand stands for and what makes it really different to your competitors?

Maybe you’re considering re-branding or launching a new brand to market but you’re not sure where to start to ensure a profitable return.

Are you being dragged into a price war or discounting where only those with the deepest pockets can win?

Here we have solutions to help you solve your business challenges so you can become the front-of-mind preferred choice with a brand that increases your market impact and profits — so you dominate your field with growing success.

How it Works

Every client’s business and organisational challenges are different so our approach is always tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

In a nutshell this we breaks down the whole branding process into a highly effective manner which we use when working with you to build your brand. It’s a multi part modular system so we use and activate the elements you specifically need.

Phase — 1: Brand Discovery

  • Who are you?
  • What makes you special?
  • What’s the big compelling reason for customers to choose your brand?
  • Who are your customers? what are they like? why choose you?
  • What’s your customer experience?
  • How do customers and prospects find you or perceive you?
  • Who do you want to become?
  • What makes your brand truly distinctive, different and memorable?
  • What’s your backstory?
  • What’s the competitive landscape like?
  • Who are your stakeholders and what do they think?

Phase -2: Brand Profiling and Positioning

How will you inspire and attract your ideal customers and command a premium? Building your brand with a complete roadmap from the ground up so it becomes your customer brand magnet with higher perceived value and your guiding light for all strategic decisions going forward. The is basis on which your brand is built and from which all your other components take their direction.

Phase -3: Visual Brand Identity

Using the outputs and direction from profiling your brand we now bringing it to life visually, linguistically with its own unique look, feel, character and style making it standout strongly so it appears irresistible to your ideal customer across all relevant touch points.

Phase -4: Brand Communications Strategy

Developing and activating your brand launch and communications plan across all the platforms most relevant to your primary customer and sector so you get your message to market, engage your audience, create experiences, grow awareness, influence change and increase sales.

Phase -5: Developing Your Brand Ambassadors

Training, developing, inspiring and engaging your brand champions internally and externally so you expand your reach and grow your business.

Phase -6: Evaluating KPI’s

Successful brands grow, change and evolve which means they need to be constantly managed and developed. So having established what success looks like or means to you, those metrics are used and constantly evaluated to measure what’s worked best, what can be tweaked and repeated and what needs changing to drive more growth.

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