Finding Friends, Finding Myself, Finding Forrester

Okay. So here goes. I’m not really a writer, but I’m not really anything right now so why not start this blog?

My friend — let’s call him BB — has an amazing blog that he started at the behest of my friend Kat and myself. I’ll share it here later if he wants me to. I don’t even know who I’m going to share THIS blog with. BB is a bit of a serial dater and he goes on all kind of crazy adventures. I guess they’re not that crazy, it’s just a completely different world to me because I met my boyfriend/domestic partner/should we just have a wedding so we can register for gifts already?/gentleman caller— LET’S CALL HIM RANDY (because it’s fun) — in college, before the world of apps and swiping things and Cupid telling you that you were just okay unless you paid for a Premium account. I digress. BB always has the most interesting stories because he meets so many new people and really gets the most out of every interaction he has with someone new. BB is completely engaged with the world around him and sometimes, when you are completely engaged, you get hurt because most people are not completely engaged.

SO now at Kat’s behest, I am starting a blog about my adventures in my new city, Seattle. These are the adventures of a simple girl just trying to make some friends, as a human adult who definitely is a normal person and should not freak anyone out too much. Right?

I downloaded the BumbleBFF app at the suggestion of a friend, E. E recently moved to a new city on the West Coast as well and we are both navigating what it is like to meet new people and try to come off as relatively normal until they like you so much that they don’t care how weird you really are. So far, the experience has been fun, but honestly a little draining and somehow invasive? Like, since the app is on my phone, it’s almost like these people are texting me directly. I just got a “bloop” from my phone. Another message. I need an emoji here to express ennui. Anyway, it’s still pretty anonymous until you decide you don’t want it to be, but part of me wishes it was through a website online. Something about communicating through the computer feels less personal to me than communicating through my phone.

I can get a bit longwinded with writing and emails and such, so I’ll just make this post an introduction about what I plan to do. Since I, an “adult” “lady,” am trying to make friends in a new city and am currently working from home AKA NEVER LEAVING MY APARTMENT UNLESS THERE IS A BUILDING EMERGENCY, my intention is to post about the interactions that I have and the friend dates on which I go. So far, I’ve been on 2 friend dates and visited a BumbleBFF at her craft table at the Renegade Craft Fair (does this count?). In my next post, I’ll do a recap of the dates that have happened thus far and tell you about upcoming plans.

I’ll stop here for now. Does anyone want to read about this? I don’t really miss Chicago, but I do miss having friends. Snapchats are fun until they stop coming so frequently. Trying to stay positive, but not like HIV positive or positive for pregnancy of anything like that. Upbeat.


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