A War On Street Art

Street Art…
… Whats your opinion on it?…

Raining Today?

Sure you can have the people who think street art isn't meaningful and is just ass holes vandalizing everything. But i think otherwise. Street Art allows many people to express themselves in many different ways and every street artist has different personalities. This can be seen in many pictures and videos. If your interested check out Exit Through The Gift Shop;

Some Street Art Can Have An Impact

A lot of people will assume that street art doesn't take a lot of skill, well if your looking at all of the terribly sprayed genitalia you see in your local car park, your probably right, but all street art is not like that, it does take a lot of skill as can be seen in many of the complex pieces i will be posting in this article.

But that is illogical?

A lot of people call Street Art, Graffiti, it is very different in fact… Well… it is complicated, it sort of follows the rule that all thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs. But in this case, all Street Art is Graffiti but not all Graffiti is Street Art, Jon Grim, an underdog street artist talks about this on his channel;


That’s all I've got to say on this subject thus far but for more stories follow me above.

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