How “The Tipping Point” By Malcolm Gladwell Helped Me Make Better Coffee.

The “Tipping Point” was written by Malcolm Gladwell. In it he writes about how trends emerge in social behavior, consumer products and economics. Gladwell writes about how ordinary events reach tipping points over time, and then become incredible trends. He describes how everything from disease, and pregnancy to shoe sales, and crime can be attributed to some outside factor leading to them becoming overwhelming trends.

What does any of this have to do with me making better coffee? Well, there’s been a rise in the consumption of iced, and cold brewed coffee. Instagram, twitter and FaceBook are literally covered with cold brewed/iced brew coffee photos, and yes there is a difference between the two. This might seem like the new trend on block, but after reading The Tipping Point I’ve realized that there are hard core factors leading to the uptick in cold/iced coffee purchases. The weather of course. Much of the Northeast is still under a thin sheet of ice. Pushing customers into coffee shoppes, and running to their Mr. Coffees for a cup of hot java. However, the south is a playground right now. Sun, fun and open patio restaurants. The heat is on, and the ice is cool. This has forced me to seek out better blends for delicious cold brew coffee options.

The roasters we partner with send us lists of perfectly roasted single, or blended beans. We choose them based on the drinkers preferences, but now we get even deeper into the bowels of the coffee industry in order to find the perfect coffee blend for you cold brew drinking southerners. However, even though our jobs have gotten that much harder, we love it, and we accept the challenge.

Reading The Tipping Point has made me better at realizing what coffee drinker will be wanting season to season. This in turn forces me to get even more involved in sourcing, and choosing the best coffee blends we can find. If coffee shoppes are smart they’ll have those “Cold Brew Coffee Sold Here” signs up, painted and ready to bring in cold drink seekers well in advance of their summer months.

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