Subscription Boxes. Oh How Great They Are.

Subscription boxes are everywhere these days allowing customers to receive their favorite products, or discover new ones monthly. These services are becoming more and more prevalent, as we of course know, but what kinds of products can one find in this industry. What kind of services can you expect if you choose a product box like JovaBox, or a discovery box like LootCrate, or OwlCrate?

The subscription based services industry has grown dramatically in the past few years. Especially in the box delivery category. The largest segments of the industry are Fashion, Beauty, Organic Foods and arts & crafts. The fashion segment of the subscription box industry topped $109million in 2015 alone. BirchBox, and subscription box company that delivers beauty products to women across the country, mail on average 100,000 boxes per month.

Other giants like DollarShaveClub, and the fast up and comer FiveFourClub offer male hygiene products, and stylish apparel. The while DollarShaveClub allows you to choose the type of razor you want based on the closeness of shave desired, FiveFourClub takes information about size, and fit from customers then chooses their own apparel to send them every month. You can keep what you like, and return what you don’t. Options like these take away the fear some consumers have about shopping online such as will it fit, or what do I do if I don’t like it. There are even boxes that send you different types of candy every month to satisfy your sweet tooth like CandyClub, or TreatsBox.

The industry is spawning more than just other subscription boxes. Several subscription service platforms have emerged as a result of the growth in this space. CrateJoy provides automated recurring payment systems, shipping options, and fully integrated web design options. Subbly is a similar service offering different payment options saving customers on credit card processing percentages.

Subscription boxes are not a new trend. Magazines, beer of the month clubs and books on tape have been sold on a subscription basis for decades, and if the technology driving this industry continues to advance there should be no end in sight. Only growth. Now get out there, and start shopping.

Kalem Jones.

@TrendingKalem @Trending_House

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