Tips to not doing some dumb things in your startup.

I’ve realized that I’ve spent too much money on products, and not enough on marketing my product itself. Not the greatest course of action when you're trying to build the largest catalog of subscription services, and products in the world.

But, none the less I screwed the pooch, and now I’ve got to get back on track. Such is life. All I can do is try not blow the progress I’ve already made. However, here are the things I’ve done wrong so far in the hopes that you won’t do the dumb things I have done so far.

  1. Don’t Buy…Try.

If you can sample products first before you buy do so. I spent a week searching for the perfect box size, and type to fit my monthly coffee subscription business I finally thought I found the perfect packaging, and I ordered a few hundred. However, once I got the boxes I realized that the reverse side of the boxes looked much better, and I had to try and revise fold them in order for them to fit my needs. The process took an insane amount of time, and looked terrible when shipped. Unfortunately I had already purchased 200 of these things, and now I’m stuck with them. I could have been using that money to push FaceBook ads to get more subscribers. Ask for samples first!!!

2. Use What You Have.

I wanted to chronicle my business developments from the start, and the next day my Aunty randomly sent me a small digital camera that also recorded movies. Unfortunately, after watching some many of my favorite YouTubers I decided that I needed a great high end DSLR to capture my journey. I saved for a month, and bought a Canon T2i that took highend digital photos, and shot HD movies. After comparing the movies shot from the 2 different cameras I found that the point and shoot digital camera had not only better quality, but an auto focus/image stabilizer that my “High End” DSLR didn’t have. I could have been using that money to manage a Google Ads campaign to draw visitor to my site's main page. USE WHAT YOU HAVE.

3. Genuine Is Always Better.

I found that so many of my competitors socials media profiles were so good looking, and well put together. I wanted mine to look as good, so I purchased a subscription to Adobe Stock Photo. I planned on using stock photos of coffee, and people drinking coffee in all of my social media accounts. While doing so I started getting good feedback, and likes on my profiles. I mixed these pictures in with my normal everyday photos on Twitter, and instagram. Unfortunately I also found that my regular everyday photos got 3–4 times as many likes, and responses than the stock photos I was paying for. People started telling me how geniune my media feeds were in the comments section of my everyday run of the mill photos. Needless to say, my followers requested more of my behind the scenes photos of what I’m doing business wise day to day. That’s $49.99 per month I could have saved by simply taking genuine photos that connected people to my story, and brand. Money that could have been used to promote instagram ads to draw more people to my feed featuring genuine content.

I’ll keep posting mistakes I make, as I make them. Trust me. There will probably be many more to come.

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