How to Backup Kali Coin Desktop Wallet Securely ? How to extract private keys of your Wallet address?

Step #1: Download Kali Coin Desktop Wallet. (Windows / Mac )

Jun 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Step #2: Open your Kali Coin Desktop wallet and click on File > Backup Wallet

Click File and then click “Backup Wallet”

Step #3: When the Dialog box opens, select the drive and folder where you wish to save your Wallet backup file. Name the file to whatever you want, but it is recommended to save it as “Wallet” because when you want to recover your wallet, you’ll need to have it as “Wallet.dat” file

Step #4: It is strongly recommended to save your backup file on a cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. Just to be sure in case if you lose your data or your PC crashes.

Step #1: If you haven’t already done so, please launch the Kali Coin desktop wallet.

Step #2: Click on the “Receive” tab. You’ll see your Wallet address here.

Step #3: Copy Wallet address for which you want private keys.

Step #4: Now click on “Help > Debug Windows

Step #5: In the next screen, click on “Console

Step #6: Now type dumpprivkey <your wallet address> and press “Enter

Step #7: You’ll see your private keys fetched and displayed on the console screen. Copy paste it to a safe place.

Step #8: Repeat this process for all your wallet address and save it to secure place.


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